Turtle Bay

"At Turtle Bay we aim to capture the Caribbean island vibe by serving up exceptional, authentic dishes in an environment inspired by the love of laid-back living.

Food and drink is the heart and soul of Caribbean culture, which is why our menu reflects the eclectic mix of the people you’ll find there. We’re proud to serve the kind of food Islanders enjoy at home, on the beach or in the street cafes. Rustic, authentic and always exploding with flavour.

To transport you to the Caribbean without a plane ticket, we source the very best ingredients, both on our doorstep and in the far-flung corners of the islands themselves. We then bring everything together in true Caribbean style - concentrating on flavour rather than fuss.

Of course, food is only half of the story. At Turtle Bay you’ll also find a wide selection of island drinks, to be enjoyed in the beach bar or on the veranda - wherever your mood takes you.

Put simply, everything we do in our restaurant is about creating a perfect atmosphere for ‘liming’, which means hanging out with friends and family, while enjoying good food and a few drinks."


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