Emilios Theofanous

Aes Ambelis Winery, re-branding & new label design

The winery and the final logo after some cheating and help from Fibonacci and perspectives.


Previous & current face of the bottles


- re-branding & new label design -

The winery was founded in the early '90s with the vision to produce wines of unique character and premium quality. The estate is located on the slopes of Kalo Chorio Orinis in the Nicosia district, Cyprus.

For the new logo the unique architectural style of the winery was used and alongsite a platanus, a tree that was planted from the owner, over 20 years ago.

For the new labels we wanted a fresh and modern looking bottle to complement the vibrant colours of the wines. The result is a clean and minimal label, introducing the new logo over a distinctive shape.

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Claudio Sibille


The LQP lounge char has a metalic grid at the back perfect for storing books, magazines, Ipads, laptops, etc. It´s a contemplative piece of furniture designed for relaxing and reading.

Claudio Sibille is a uruguayan industrial designer graduated in Uruguay.
His expertise is furniture design and more specifically how it can offer viable and innovative solutions to reduced spaces. Concepts such as function, utility and versatility accompany his projects so faithful and constant.
Right now he is working as lead designer for M3.

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Angie Garland

Cardboard Kitchen

This project was developed in my 3D illustration class. I set out to design and produce a life size 3D kitchen, made from cardboard, acrylic paint, and masking tape.

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Residence in Łódź

Project: Zdziechowska Walerysiak Architekci
Modelling, textures: Mateusz Szymański
Lightning: Filip Chorzelski
Postproduction: Mateusz Szymański
Place: Poland, Łódź

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Alberto Sorribes

HD stool

Inspired by my love to Harley Davidson motorcycles, HD stool was thought for outdoor&indoor use. Made of PC injected, the material gives the perfect strength and transparency to provoke when a girl is sitting down in a beach terrace.

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Ashley Hohnstein

In Good Health Muesli

In Good Health is a brand of muesli aimed at the average, middle-class consumer. Nowadays, a lot of people are aiming to be much more conscious of their health, and what they are putting into their bodies. Muesli is a great addition to anyone’s day. High in fiber, and vitamins; it is guaranteed to start your day off correctly. It is based on the recipe created by the Swiss in the early 1900s, using dry oats and various dried fruits, nuts and seeds. It can be mixed with milk or yogurt! In Good Health promotes healthy nutrition through making its’ consumers aware of the valuable nutrition packed into each serving of muesli through illustrations on the package. Additionally, it makes measuring these servings easy by having the lid serve the dual purpose of also equaling exactly one serving! Through In Good Health’s playful illustration, healthy nutrition, and easily used packaging; it is sure to break into the breakfast cereals market with ease!

Each flavor of muesli has it's own set of illustrations featuring the main ingredients.

The backs of the canisters feature the four main ingredients in the muesli in an at-a-glance ingredients panel.

The lid serves the function of both keeping the contents fresh, but also is exactly one cup to promote eating one serving.

Detail of the seamless illustrations underneath the lid.

Detail of the rich photography on each canister.

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Alexey Lysenkov

Domus – design objects for home & office

The Domus objects are not what they seem to be at the first glance. Initially a toy to support and develop kids' creativity, it has become a design object without an obvious function. Well, it still serves as a fine gift for someone appreciating the unobtrusive aesthetics.

The roof colors refer to the different climates: northern copper roofs, southern white lime cupolas, continental toned-down housetops. The light shade of the maple wood and the clean sharp lines of the form make these objects look as essential as they can possibly be.

When designing for van Wright I have to always apply "the system thinking" – every product should not only be designed for an age, an activity or a function, but also should have another product to match, visually or conceptually. So the collection is going to be developed further. Toys included.

The Domus collection is handcrafted in Germany.
You can pre-order it here: vanwright.com/home-office

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NEu Tymes Vol.44

NEu Tymes Vol.44 is a crossroads of creatives. Past meets the present and is going to stay for a long time in the future to bright and light your souls as an imaginary - ideal expression tool. 

Inside this issue: 
Photography by Fatma Gultekin, Betina La Plante, Konstantinos Letsas / Fashion Editorial by Giselle Karounis and Kosta Koroneos / Selected Logos by Andonis Iliakis / NT Design Studio / Smart City (Illustrations by Drishti Khemani) and more..

David Méndez Alonso

Carballo Interplay Trophies

Design and realization of a 8 numbered serie of trophies built with methacrylate for Carballo Interplay festival. The measures are about 20x15 cm each piece. 


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Aleksandra Grbovic


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